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  • Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Cachers - "We are a group of Geocachers based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each of us enjoys caching in our own special way, and we often get together for some fun in the great outdoors. Explore our site, especially the forum, which is always busy."
  • Austin Explorer - Geocaching - "Geocaching section of the Austin Explorer."
  • Big Sky Cachers - "Adventure is waiting for you in Montana."
  • Central Coast Geocachers of California - "This is the meeting spot for geocachers that live in the vicinity of Monterey Bay and the Central Coast of California."
  • Central Montana GeoCache Association - "Even though our title states Central Montana, we welcome all from anywhere in the state, but this is mainly for enthusiasts from the Highline to as far south as Bozeman."
  • Central Ohio Geocachers - "Web site for Central Ohio Geocachers."
  • Central Ontario Geocachers Resource - "Everything that you need to know about Geocaching in Central Ontario."
  • Cincinnati Area Cache Hunting Enthusiast - "Cincinnati Area Cache Hunting Enthusiast is a group for area Geocachers. Using A Hand Held GPS or you use a Compass and having a thurst for Adventure this is a club to talk about all type's of Geocaching and Letterboxing."
  • Colorado Association of Cache Hunting Enthusiasts - "Our goal is to serve as a forum for communication between Colorado's geocachers, the general public, and land management officials, in a cooperative effort to promote the sport of geocaching, an appreciation of the outdoors, and good stewardship of the land and environment."
  • Emerald Valley Cachers - "A gathering place for Geocachers residing along the I-5 Corridor."
  • Geocache Alaska!! - "Welcome to Geocache Alaska!!! This site is under construction so stop back often. Please tell all Alaska Geocachers you know about our website."
  • Geocachers of the Bay Area - "Welcome! Geocachers of the Bay Area (GBA) supports the game of Geocaching in the greater San Francisco Bay Area."
  • Geocaching in Salem, OR - "I, or Beaverbeliever, am a geocacher in Salem, OR. I started geocaching January 6th, 2007, and have been caching ever since."
  • Great Basin and Eastern Sierra Geocachers - "Great Basin and Eastern Sierra Geocachers, Nevada's oldest geocaching group, is a discussion group dedicated go the activity of Geocaching in Northern Nevada and the Eastern Sierra. Its purpose is to exchange ideas between people who actively Geocache in the area, promote quality caching and open lines of communications with the Geocachers of the Silver State and surrounding areas."
  • Greater Abilene Geocachers Association - "The Greater Abilene Geocachers Association began January 22nd, 2005, as an endeavor to provide the area's Geocaching community and visitors an interactive hub of information and support. The "GAGA Group" is comprised of individuals and teams that work together to promote the benefits of Geocaching, and to find and hide as many quality caches as possible. "
  • Hawai`i Geocachers & GPS Enthusiasts - "Welcome to GPS Hawai`i, a friendly, informal group of geocachers in the islands. Whether you're a stash-hunting veteran or new to GPS in general, we're glad you found us."
  • High Desert Geocachers - "Home to Southern California's High Desert Geocaching Community!"
  • Idaho Geocachers - "Welcome to Idaho Geocachers!"
  • Kankakee County Cachers and Campers - "We are a small organization in Kankakee County Illinois however we are open to any who wish to join, we are dedicated to camping and Geocaching. "
  • LAGeocaching.org - "The purpose of this website is to promote the sport (game, activity) of geocaching in Louisiana, as well as to offer a gathering place for Louisiana's geocaching community."
  • Louisiana Geocaching - "Louisiana Geocaching.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of all things Geocaching. This site was created and maintained by the South East Louisiana Geocachers. We hope you find our website useful and come back again soon. "
  • Michigan Geocaching Organization - "You have reached the homepage of the Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO). The purpose of our organization is to promote the sport of Geocaching in Michigan via improved communications and to provide information to the public about our activities and the sport of geocaching."
  • Nevada Geocaching Association - "Web site for Nevada Geocaching Association."
  • Northeast Ohio Geocachers - "The NorthEast Ohio Geocachers Group (NEOGeocachers) was formed to promote geocaching in the state of Ohio. Our goal is to educate other outdoor enthusiasts of geocaching issues through family-oriented activities in order to increase the awareness of the area's parks and trail systems."
  • Northern Michigan Geocachers - "We are the Northern Michigan Geocachers (NMG), established November 14, 2004 as a loosely organized group of geocachers who plan to get together regularly throughout Northern Lower Michigan. Meetings are held monthly throughout the area and are posted as an event cache on www.geocaching.com."
  • Northstate Unusual Treasure Seekers - "Northstate Unusual Treasure Seekers N.U.T.S. -- This message area is for the exchange of Geocaching information, events, and activities within the Northstate (of California) from Sacramento to the Oregon border."
  • Northwest Ohio Geocachers - "NWOGEO is an active group of cachers from Northwest Ohio. We are active maintainers of a two-mile section of Adopt-A-Highway. We also have a monthly gathering at a local restaurant to put faces to names as well as swap stories. We plan and host two to three events each year which bring cachers from all over the state and we also enjoy visiting other caching groups events."
  • Oregon Geocaching - "Geocaching in Oregon. Discuss Geocaching, find Oregon geocaches."
  • Portland Geocaching - "Geocaching in the Portland Metro area has the distinction of being near the area where Dave Ulmer placed the world's very first geocache. These pages are devoted to geocaching in and around Portland, Oregon and hopefully catch some of the uniqueness of this community."
  • River City Geocaching & Dining Society - "On the 2nd Saturday of each month members of the RCGDS get together for some food and conversation. We share geocaching stories and enjoy the company of fellow geocachers."
  • River Valley Geocachers - "This group is for Geocachers in the Quad-State area of KY, MO, TN and IL. The purpose of this group is to give local cachers a place to come together and discuss Geocaching topics. You don't need to live in the area to join and it doesn't matter if you're an experienced cacher, a beginner, or just looking for information on the game come on in and drop us a line."
  • Salem Area Geocaching Association - "Oregon S.A.G.A. is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the parks and green-ways in and around Salem, OR. This web site was created by a group of geocachers in the local area who are fortunate enough to enjoy the resources available in the Salem, OR area."
  • Southern California Geocachers - "Welcome to Southern California Geocachers. This site is dedicated to bringing together geocachers from across Southern California and the world."
  • Texas Geocaching Associations - "Here you will find information on the activity of geocaching in Texas. The site aims to provide an introduction to those interested in learning about geocaching, as well as providing resources and information for more experienced cachers."
  • The Official Geocaching Resource For Arizona by Team Snaptek - " AzGeocaching.com is dedicated to the sport of Geocaching in the Arizona Area. We hope to bring you many stats not available on the geocaching.com site, data exports, better data formats, interactive maps, scenery pictures, spoilers and whatever else can be thought of that isn't provided on the main geocaching webpage to make your geocaching adventures in Arizona just a little better."
  • Utah Association of Geocachers - "Welcome! to the home of the Utah Association of Geocachers."
  • Utah Cache Games - "Welcome to Utah Cache Games! Our site was created for Geocaching enthusiasts in the state of Utah. If you're addicted to Geocaching, you'll love our games!"
  • Washington State Geocaching Association - "The Washington State Geocaching Association (WSGA) was created for Geocaching enthusiasts in the state of Washington."
  • WCOhioGeoCachers - "WCOhioGeoCachers is a place for West Central Ohio GeoCachers to meet and exchange ideas. Geochaching is like treasure hunting, puzzle solving, and hiking rolled into one."
  • Wisconsin Geocaching Association - "The Wisconsin Geocaching Association (WGA) is a group of geocachers dedicated to promoting and protecting geocaching within the state of Wisconsin. The WGA organizes geocaching events, works with land owners/managers on geocaching policies, educates the public at large about geocaching, and facilitates communication between WGA members."
  • Wyo-Neb Area Geocachers - "Serving the Western Plains of Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming."
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