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  • BorrowLenses.com - "Rent, shoot, return. You choose what you want and how long you want it, and we ship it to you on the date specified with a return label inside the box. When your rental is up you put the lens back in the box it came in, affix the return label and drop it off at FedEx. Once we receive the equipment we inspect it and assuming there's no damage your rental is complete. Wasn't that easy?"
  • Fleischer Sport - "Steamboat Springs' Premier Ski Rentals and Snowboard Rental Shop, Right Next to the Gondola! Voted Steamboat's #1 ski shop three years straight!"
  • TopoFusion - "TopoFusion is GPS Mapping software for Windows. It downloads maps (Topo, Aerial Photo and Satellite) automatically from several public map servers. TopoFusion provides excellent track management, unparalleled map access, track analysis, and more. A must have for planning your next adventure. Visit TopoFusion to download a fully functional demo! "

Now For The Awesome Outdoor Sites! (The icon indicates that a Google Map is available for this link. )
  • A Repeating Golf Swing - "Breakthrough golf swing system discovered by Golf Ball Engineer guarantees to lower scores for beginners and advanced players. Download complete manual in minutes! "
  • Advanced Power Golf - "Add distance to your golf shots with the simple swing of Tiger and Ernie Els."
  • Advantage Golf School - "PGA and LPGA instruction at 12 locations nationwide."
  • Alfa Mall Golf Shopping-golf tips and advice - "Golf tips and advice, give golf instructions, enhance your golf skill."
  • Align-a-Putt golf tool by Dale Nephew - "The Align-a-Putt is a high quality acrylic golf tool made as an aid to accurate putting. It can help you calibrate each putt for maximum accuracy."
  • American Tour Golf Schools - "American Tour Golf Schools' training programs in Charleston SC and Orlando FL"
  • Americas Favorite Golf Schools - "Golf schools located at over 45 locations in the US and international."
  • Anders Körberg Pro Golf & Consulting - "Anders Körberg Pro Golf & Consulting."
  • Are Golf Instructors Killing Your Game? - "How to play better, practice effectively, and find quality golf instruction, including golf schools."
  • As Seen On TV Discount Mega-Store - "Dalton McCrary's Instructional Videos, Workbook and drills for straight shooting golf, flat stick and short game."
  • Athletic Golf System - "Athletic Golf System develops customized golf fitness programs for Flexibility, Cardio, Strength Training and Nutrition. Programs are accessible in several ways, including online!"
  • Balance Point Golf Schools - "Golf schools located in Palm Springs, Hawaii, Oregon, and Chicago."
  • Basic Golf Tips | Golf Instruction | Golf Clubs - "An overview on the very basic golf tips. Tips on how to improve your golf. Get to know about golf clubs, driving, chipping, putting, golf instructions, and also golf course maintenance tips."
  • Bettergolf.net - #1 Online Golf Instruction Publication - "Better Golf is the largest online publisher of free golf email newsletters."
  • Bird Golf Academy - "Golf schools offering one on one instruction with PGA, LPGA members. Locations in AZ, CA, CO, TN. Accommodations at premier resorts."
  • brighton golf academy - "Australias most extensive online streaming video site."
  • CANCoach Interactive Golf Instruction - "A series of gender-specific instructional golf programs combine audio, video and text instructions to help golfers improve their game and lower their handicap."
  • Cason Custom Golf - "The world's most fitted custom golf clubs. Free on-line golf analysis! Golf instruction."
  • ClasSearch.com - The Learning Diretory - "Searchable directory of recreational, personal, and professional learning opportunities and providers around the globe. Search for golf classes, golf schools, and much more!"
  • Club Metrics - "New golf training aid guaranteed to save 3-5 strokes per round!"
  • Costa Golf Clinic - "One of the major golf schools on the Costa del Sol we provide a wide range of golf tuition services for all levels of players."
  • Dave Pelz Golf - "Dave Pelz Golf offers world-class golf instruction & learning devices."
  • Fitness3.com - Fitness to the Third Power! - "Peter Marino of Fitness3.com can make an exercise program to specifically help overcome your weaknesses in golf and achieve a lower score. "
  • Forum.Howtohandyman.com :: Index - "Ask a Handyman at our Forum and get an answer from experts around the world. Its always free to ask."
  • Geoff Mangum's Magic Wand Putting Instruction - "The World's most comprehensive putting resource."
  • Golf Academy of South Carolina - "Located in Hilton Head Island, we are South Carolina's complete golf learning center."
  • Golf Attitude - " Golf Attitude Stages de golf - Formules stage cours de golf Biarritz Ilbarritz Chiberta Bayonne "
  • Golf College - "Golf College for The College of Golf is an accredited university golf program preparing students for golf employment and introducing them to golf job opportunities. "
  • Golf Digest Golf Schools - "We're the official golf school of Golf Digest Magazine. Schools in Florida,Arizona,California, and Las Vegas."
  • Golf Fitness Guide - "Add 30 yards to your drives without changing your swing with easy golf tips and techniques that will transform your game. Guaranteed! "
  • Golf Instructors Directory - "This Golf Instruction directory includes golf instructor pages for every State in the USA plus Washington, DC. "
  • Golf Schools - Swing's The Thing Golf Schools - "Swings The Thing Golf School: The school every golfer should invest in"
  • Golf Schools Etc - "Directory of USA and International Golf Schools. Select as many Golf School brochures as you'd like sent to you and only fill out one request form."
  • Golf Secrets - Golf Tips - "Golf's Longest Hitter Mike Austin reveals golf secrets and golf tips. Gain 20-40 yards off the tee, guaranteed."
  • Golf Super Swing Training Aid - "Cut your handicap in half in 21 days. Used by over 60 touring pros to date. Golfs number Training Aid. Cuts your strokes now."
  • Golf Swing Tips - "You are just one click away from having a golf swing even the golf pro's would love! How to Achieve the Swing in Golf is the only golf tips book you will ever need to gain that score you've always wished for."
  • Golf Tips for Golfers : Golf Swing Tips - "Golf Tips for Golfers is a new site of online golf swing tips for golfers. Golf Tips for Golfers guaranteed to improve your golf swing!"
  • Golf Trainer - "You'll find golf exercises, training programs, workouts, stretches, video demonstrations and instruction to help you improve your golf swing and performance. Online golfing lessons, tips and advice! "
  • Golfing Discussion Boards - "Golfingboards.com is your online golf resource for discussion relating to golf topics."
  • Golfing Mastery - "Golf Secrets Revealed - learn how to dramatically reduce your handicap by 35% in 8 weeks."
  • golfswinger - "You can have a great swing. View on line in seconds."
  • GOLFViews - "Colorado's golf news and information source. Publishing and Colorado's highest quality most circulated golf publication."
  • Hampton Golf Academy - "You have a choice - Come see us or continue repeating your frustrating, bad rounds over and over again."
  • High-Speed Golf Swing Sequence Photos - "We provide golf swing sequence photos taken with high-speed cameras for analysis of golf swings and for framing and display purposes (Houston, Texas area). "
  • Jim McCright's Ultimate Golf Secret - "Golf success is determined by how well you use your mind."
  • John Philllips Golf Academy - "Golf Schools in the U.K and Portugal."
  • Ken Venturi Golf Schools - "Golf schools located in Florida, Las Vegas, North Carolina and New York."
  • Kris Moe Golf Schools - "California golf school packages in the Napa/Sonoma wine country since 1995 by Kris Moe and his PGA staff."
  • Mags Golf Instructor - "Three in one golf training aid that is use for alignment, swing plane guide and putting guide."
  • Mark Evershed's TGS Method to Better Golf - "Mark Evershed's Total Golf System helps countless people improve their golf game."
  • Master Golf Productions - "New Breakthrough in Golf Instruction Brings Amazing Results! Testimonials keep pouring in...24 handicap down to 12...7 down to 1... 4 down to SCRATCH! Visit www.mastergolf.net today!"
  • Mike Adams Golf Academy - "Mike Adams is an internationally reknowned golf instructor. He teaches all levels of golfers at his academy in Palm Beach, Florida."
  • Moncur Golf Academy - "PGA Golf Tuition Holidays on the Costa del Sol, Spain. From beginner to tour player, expert lessons to suit your needs. Accommodation and equipment."
  • MyGolfingLife - "MyGolfingLife is your fully interactive golf scorecard, playing history, golf course and event finder, results analyser and much more"
  • Mysportsguru.com - "Expert sports gurus give free interactive lessons, cross training tips, conditioning techniques and sports gear advice. Also sports instruction, local sports info and equipment guides."
  • National Golf Schools - "Golf Instructions for Golfers of all abilities. Golf Schools Improve your golf game with golf school instuctions"
  • National Golf Schools - "National Golf Schools. It doesn't hurt that we are a top 25 golf school with some of the finest PGA and LPGA Teaching Professionals in the field"
  • Natural Swing Golf - "Instructional and fitting facility, specializing in Henry Griffitts clubs."
  • Natural Swing Golf Schools & Driving Range - " NSG is a Golf Driving Range Golf Schools and Fitting Repairs Sales Facility. It offers Club Fitting by Henry-Griffitts Club Repairs Sales and Ultrasonic Cleaning; the new way to clean clubs and grips. We offer individual and group lessons. Sell Golf Clubs "
  • One Plane Golf Swing.com - "Learn the differences between the one plane golf swing and the two plane golf swing. Learn how Tiger Woods is changing his swing with Hank Haney."
  • Paradise Golf Schools - "Paradise Golf Schools' World Headquarters in Marco Island, Florida offers low student to instructor ratio, accommodations and package tours."
  • PGAProfessional.com - "All about improving your game! PGA Professional's instruction site, featuring free golf tips, articles, 'Ask the Pro,' handicap calculators, lessons, Golf Schools, Pro Shop, more. "
  • Probable Golf Instruction - "Lower your score by using the latest scientific research. No physical practice needed. Apply some basic physics and math to make better choices."
  • Probable Golf Instruction - "Unique tips/instruction based on the latest scientific golf research. Driver Distance Calculator; optimize your distance."
  • scotlands golf academy - "professional golf tuition for all levels of ability. an honest, experienced and professional opinion that will improve your game - guaranteed!"
  • Simple Easy Golf - "PGA Teaching Pro shows you how to play simple easy golf. 26 part e-course shows you how to correct the common faults and points you to a quick and easy GREAT game of golf!"
  • Star Golf Fitness Trainers - "Golf fitness training - in private San Diego gym or trainer will travel with professional tour "
  • Summer Golf Camps - "Directory of kids and teens summer golf camps in North America"
  • Summit Golf Academy - "An affordable Golf School in Fla with lodging on the ocean. Small class size, close to Disney, bring the family, they stay free. Summit Golf Academy."
  • Summit Golf Learning Center - "Full practice lighted driving range in Daytona Beach Florida. Features include, golf shop, custom clubfitting, golf clinics and 3-5 day golf schools with PGA instructors."
  • Supergolfswing.com - "Do you want to swing like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or Greg Norman? Visit our one stop shop for golf instructional e-books and improve your swing in minutes!"
  • SureSwing Golf - "Golf instruction videotapes using breakthrough mind and body medthod to lower scores and increase enjoyment. We empower every golfer with focus, feel, and simplicity."
  • Teach Kids Golf - "FREE online golf instruction with video for juniors and golfers of all ages."
  • The Golf Page: Exercises and Instruction to Improve Your Swing - "Improve your swing, your game and your score with these instructional tapes. Learn to use your whole body to make every shot a winning shot."
  • The Golf Swing Aid Blog - "The Golf Swing Aid Blog, dedicated to helping you further your enjoyment of the game. Golf Swing Tips, Golf Swing Aids, and Golf Swing Books. Reviewed and put to the test."
  • The Hampton Golf Academy - "92% of golfers that shot 90-100 improved 6-11 strokes during their 3-day golf school. How much do you want to improve?"
  • The Original Golf School - "No other school can match our success with over 75,000 students graduated since 1978, a low, 4-to-1 Student/Pro Ratio, and our proprietary teaching system: The Accelerated Golf Method™. At The Original Golf School, we teach the game where it is played - on the golf course! You'll be making putts, reading terrain, and learning strategies in real life playing scenarios on some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country."
  • The Ranch - "Horse camp golf camp in New York Adirondack Mountains near Lake Placid, N.Y"
  • The Ultimate Golf Training Aid - "The Ultimate Golf Training works with the full swing to putting. Also check out our line of name brand golf clubs."
  • Unforgettable Golf - "Unforgettable Golf is a Weblog archive of historical golf instruction originally published by some of the greatest golfers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Site content includes direct quotes from rare and highly collectible literary works by these Master Golfers as well as original entries by the editors of Unforgettable Golf."
  • Whispering Pines Golf Course & Academy - "Golf Academy in the heart Myrtle Beach next to Airport & oceanfront hotels. Offers 1,3,& 4 day schools with video analysis and golf included."
  • www.escorecard.co.uk - "Golf Scoring & Analysis - helps to pinpoints game areas to improve on...you will be pleasantly surprised at the results!!"

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Lower Your Handicap By 30% - "Learn how to score better with your swing for less than a sleeve of golf balls."
Play Golf Free And Get Paid To Play! - "Who else wants to play free golf and get paid up to $897 a week for playing? Without being a scratch player."
Professional Golf Swings - Sport Idols - "Golf's greatest players - Barry Bonds - Muhammad Ali - Most unique Sports programs on the Internet."
Putting Trainer - "Shave 5 strokes from your round."
The Dave Way - "Destroy your Golf Slice in a matter of Minutes using this Revolutionary New System! Success Guaranteed."
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The Secret Golf Reports - "Shoot par, beat the competition, and choke proof your game!"
The Simple Golf Swing - "eBook for a repeatable and Simple Golf Swing that provides power, accuracy and consistency. "

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