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  • Adventure Skydiving School & Drop Zone - "Adventure Skydiving is Manitoba's best skydiving facility, and is located near Steinbach, Manitoba. We specialize in first jumps, but offer many options to all levels of skydivers. Group packages, specials, single jumps, tandem jumps... come visit us!"
  • Discover Skydiving - "Learn to skydive in Britain, Europe or America for your UK licence. AFF for beginners, Skydive University, 4 way team training."
  • Freefall University Soain - "The Freefall University is a specailist training company and offers beginner courses in Spain. In addition we offer FS , FF and IC1."
  • Hawaii guru - "Do what few ever dreamed of while on vacation in Hawaii, Skydive! The picturesque north shore of Oahu is where and the memories you take from this adventure will remain for a lifetime. Call Hawaii Guru for all your Hawaii activities."
  • Seven Hills Skydivers of Madison, WI - "Professional 1st jump and tandem skydives and training. USPA instructors. Not-for-profit parachute club, open to beginners and experienced skydivers. Since 1962"
  • Skydive Aggieland, Inc. - "Skydiving is back home in Aggieland! Come on out to Coulter Field and become a part of our Aggieland family. Discounts available for large groups, and fun jumpers are always welcome! AOT Memorial Boogie every September - check website for more details."
  • Skydive Auckland - "Skydive Auckland is New Zealand's premier sport skydiving centre, offering tandem skydiving, sport skydiving, accelerated freefall training and static line parachuting courses."
  • Skydive in Virginia at Skydive Orange! Tandem Skydiving Freefall Jumps! - "Tandem and Accelerated freefall skydiving in Central Virginia. Serving Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. Experienced Skydivers love us too!"
  • Skydive Orlando - "After approximately a half hour of instruction, you and your jump master will ascend over 2 miles safely attached to each other."
  • Skydive Spain - "Skydiving or sky diving as it is sometimes called is one of the most exciting sports of modern times. Learning to Skydive and flying your Parachute will give you an enjoyable and exhilarating skydiving holiday"
  • Skydive-Info.com - "Freeflying, swooping, wind tunnel, boogies, safety, gear. Skydiving Information, Skydiving Help, meet other skydivers for free tips and advice, free to sign up. "
  • Skydivers - " DZPins offer a closing pin necklace is what closes the container of a parachute rig until it is manually released by the skydivers. Have unique collections of cool necklace,mens necklace & women necklace.Have plenty of styles that will cater to all of you."
  • Skydiving in Key West, Florida - "I run a small Drop Zone just outside of Key West, Florida and I do the tandems sky dive and she does the video jumps of the sky dives. "
  • Skydiving.com - "This site lists dropzones all over the world. "
  • Whitetracks - Alternative Winter and Snowsport Experiences - "Non skiing and non boarding winter activities and experiences Winter disciplines include: Sky Diving - Flying, Driving, Sliding, Riding and Climbing"
  • www.skydivetortuga.com - "Sport Skydiving Center with Tandem / Skydiving courses / Professional Training / 1st School of Modern Skyflying / Olav Zipser / Stefania Martinengo / Manuel Basso / 4.500 m (15.000 ft) min. Loads / Caravan / Pilatus Porter / Bunkhouse / Pool / Bar, Restaurant"
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